Get ready to live the best roadtrip of your live on Route of Emotions Expedition. This is my 12-day travel package through paradisiacal destinations in three states in northeastern Brazil, Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará. In addition to the main destinations that are part of the Route of Emotions (Lençóis Maranhenses, Delta do Parnaíba and Jericoacoara), on this exclusive trip you will also discover other incredible attractions , with all the comfort you deserve in 4×4 cars, with experiences, tours, restaurants and inns. All tested and approved by me! This route starts in São Luís and ends in Fortaleza .

In this travel package of the Rota das Emotions Expedition, I will accompany the groups personally to guarantee the quality of the service provided. In addition, I will give you valuable photography tips, taking everyone to the main points of the itinerary so that they can make their “instagrammable” photos in paradisiacal places. So you can already post on your social networks and send it to friends and family. What do you think? It’s going to be a beautiful journey along the Route of Emotions ! Let’s go?

Departure dates:
06/12 to 06/23 – Group 1 (SLZ x FOR Route)
06/26 to 07/07 – Group 2 (FOR X SLZ Route)
07/10 to 07/21 – Group 3 (SLZ x Route FOR)
07/24 to 08/04 – Group 4 (FOR X SLZ Route)
08/07 to 08/18 – Group 5 (SLZ x FOR Route)
08/21 to 09/01 – Group 6 (FOR X SLZ Route)

Note 1: To see the 12-day itinerary towards FOR (Fortaleza) x SLZ (São Luís), click here.
Note 2: Our expeditions shown on this page start in São Luís (MA) and finish in Fortaleza (CE) .

Who is this travel package for?

This is a very special travel package through the Route of Emotions and I’m sure you’ll love it, because I prepared the itinerary with great care. It is for everyone who enjoys nature and ecotourism , no matter if you are a professional or an amateur traveller.

This trip is for those who don’t have time to waste, for those who don’t want to travel alone, and especially for those who don’t have time to research and book a thousand transfers, tours, inns, etc … And especially for those who don’t like crowded places (muduca) . The trip is customized to always serve the group in the best possible way. We will always look for the quietest places.

The proposal is to live days immersed in the immensity of this incredible route, where each step brings a new look, a new perspective, a new experience in an expedition through the Brazilian northeast. It will be a unique opportunity to get to know the Route of Emotions , discover your private paradise and make your own records for eternity.

Complete itinerary – Route of Emotions Expedition (São Luís to Fortaleza) – 12-day package

1st Day –  São Luís / Santo Amaro (Lagoa do Junco) – After breakfast at 07:30 am, we will leave São Luís for Santo Amaro via asphalt (236km – approx. 04 hours of travel). We will stop for lunch (not included) halfway through. Arrival and accommodation. At 14:00 we will continue to discover Lagoa do Junco and others in its surroundings. Much of the trail is done over the dunes, since Santo Amaro is very close to the access to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and provides us with beautiful scenery. Free time for bath and photos. On the way back, we will see our first sunset together on the dunes and then return to the inn. Free night. Overnight in Santo Amaro with breakfast.

2nd Day – Santo Amaro (Rancharia) – At 9:00 am we will take a tour in a 4×4 vehicle. At first, the trail is made through Lençóis Maranhenses, in a field of dunes and lakes. Then we continue along a trail through the vegetation until we reach the Rancharia community, where we will have stops to swim in the lakes. Lunch will be held in the community within the park, ending at sunset. Free night. Overnight in Santo Amaro with breakfast.

3rd Day – Santo Amaro / Ponta Verde / Barreirinhas  At 09:00 am departure in a 4×4 vehicle, journey through the sheets, passing by Lago da Jangada providing a unique scenario, Ponta Verde is a fishing village where hospitality and simplicity make this people welcoming, on the shores of Lake Guapiriba comes the sustenance and income of this community, the local cuisine draws attention to the flavor and variety of dishes (fish, shrimp and crab are the house specialties). Around 3 pm we continue to Barreirinhas. (111km, 01h30). Arrival and accommodation. Rest of the day free. Overnight in Barreirinhas with breakfast.

4th Day – Barreirinhas / Two Lagoons Circuit (Azul and Bonita) – Departure from Barreirinhas in a 4×4 vehicle at 03:30 in the morning (take a sweatshirt as it can be cold), crossing the Preguiças River by ferry and heading to the Lagoa Azul Circuit, there we start walking to the best point to enjoy the sunrise in Lençóis Maranhenses. After this show, we have a delicious breakfast that is served on site with specialties from the region and a unique view. We will do the Lagoa Azul Circuit walk where we will have free time for sunbathing and swimming in the lagoon. Then we head to Dona Graça’s Restaurant for rest and lunch (not included). After resting, departure at 1:30 pm to Lagoa Bonita, where we will catch a glimpse of the sunset and free time to swim in the lagoons and take photos. Return to Barreirinhas after sunset. Free night. Overnight in Barreirinhas with breakfast.

5th Day – Barreirinhas / Vassouras / Caburé / Mandacaru / Atins – At 09:00 am transfer to the port of Beira Rio and board a speedboat along the Preguiças River to the coastal town of Atins. We stop for 30 minutes in Vassouras which is located in the APA dos Pequenos Lençóis. There we will be able to walk through the dunes and also meet the capuchin monkeys that inhabit the mangrove next to Barraca de Dona Graça. After this visit, we will head towards the mouth of the Preguiças River and in a few minutes we will be in Mandacaru, a fishing village where the Preguiças Lighthouse is located. Soon after, we head to the port of Atins, transfer in 4×4 to accommodation at the inn. Rest of the day free to walk along the beach. Overnight in Atins with breakfast.

6th Day – Atins / Canto do Atins – Free morning to enjoy the town (Suggestion: quad bike ride through seasonal lakes). At 3pm, board a 4×4 to visit Canto do Atins Lagoons. After sunset, we have the option of having dinner at Restaurante do Seu Antônio (not included) and enjoying the region’s starry sky. Return to Atins around 8 pm. Overnight in Atins with breakfast.

7th Day – Atins / Caburé / Tutóia / Delta do Parnaíba + Revoada / Barra Grande – After breakfast, at 09:00 am transfer to Pousada/Port of Atins and crossing by speedboat to the peninsula. At 09:00, board a 4×4 to Tutóia, passing along the beach, through the municipality of Paulino Neves, along sandy and slate roads until we reach the asphalt road and then to Tutóia (Duration approx.: 01:30) Embark on a speedboat and boat trip through the most interesting points of the Delta do Parnaíba to the point where we can see the Guarás and other birds nesting to sleep (Revoada). the ibisIt is one of the most spectacular birds on the globe, its plumage is crimson red when adult, its coloration is due to a red pigment present in the little crabs on which it feeds. It walks slowly in shallow water, with the tip of its beak submerged, opening and closing its jaws in search of crabs such as the Chama-Maré or Sarará and the Maraquani. After the flight we continue to Porto dos Tatús where we drive to Barra Grande. Free night. Overnight in Barra Grande with breakfast.

Day 8 – Barra Grande –  Free day to enjoy the beaches of Barra Grande or take a typical local tour (Suggestions: pedaling a “ fat bike ” along the beach, walks by the sea to Macapá beach, among other options). At the end of the day, don’t miss the beautiful sunset on the beach. Overnight in Barra Grande with breakfast. 

Day 9 – Barra Grande / Chaval / Curimãs / Barra dos Remédios / Praia do Maceió (Camocim) – At 08:00 am transfer to Praia do Maceió, in Camocim, the first stop will be in Chaval where we will do the Carnaúba trail in Parque das Pedras (optional trail). After the trail, we travel for lunch in Curimãs (not included). After resting, we head to Barra dos Remédios and then arrive in Camocim and the rest of the day is free to enjoy the inn and walk along Praia do Maceió in a beautiful late afternoon. NOTE: In case there is high tide on the date of the trip, we will follow the asphalt from Barra dos Remédios to Camocim. Overnight in Camocim with breakfast.

10th Day – Camocim / Ilha do Amor / Jericoacoara – At 09:00 am we will leave for Jericoacoara in a 4×4 vehicle, the first ferry crossing will take place near the mouth of the Coreau River, the landscape is composed of deserted beaches and beautiful dunes that arrive up to 30 meters high. Stop in Tatajuba to enjoy the beautiful Lagoa da Torta. After relaxing in the hammocks hanging over the lagoon, we can have lunch in this delicious corner. Tatajuba is a primitive fishing village that was covered by the action of the dunes and rebuilt by fishermen on the other side of the river. That’s why some consider it as Nova Tatajuba. It has huge dunes, some in the process of crystallization, which prevents them from moving by the action of the wind. We will arrive in Jeri in the afternoon and stay at the chosen inn. Free night.Overnight in Jericoacoara with breakfast.

11th Day – Jericoacoara / Lagoas do Paraíso + Pedra Furada + Blue Hole – Departure at 9 am for a Buggy ride to Lagoa do Paraíso. Before that, we head to the Pedra Furada gate to walk to the biggest postcard in Jeri (30 minutes one way and 30 minutes back). Then we border the dunes of the Jericoacoara National Park and around 11 am we will arrive at Lagoa do Paraíso with a stop for a bath and photos. Then lunch (not included). After resting, we return to Vila de Jeri around 4 pm (tour duration 7 am). Rest of the day free. Overnight in Jericoacoara with breakfast.

12th Day – Jericoacoara / Fortaleza OFF ROAD – Departure at 9 am to Fortaleza in a 4×4 transfer, visiting the beaches of Baleia, Mundaú, Flecheiras and Guajirú. The schedule and the visit to all the beaches depend on the tide conditions (Trip length: from 07 to 08 hours). Arrival in Fortaleza and transfer to the chosen hotel. END OF SERVICES.

Selected inns and hotels*

Santo Amaro – Pousada Água Doce
Barreirinhas – Pousada d’Areia
Atins – Pousada Vila do Pescador
Barra Grande – Pousada Titas
Praia do Maceió – Pousada Coco Cabana
Jericoacoara – Pousada Jeri Village

*or similar of the same category or higher.

NOTE: The package does not include inn/hotel in São Luís and Fortaleza. In São Luís , I recommend staying in the Peninsula region (Suggestions: Hotel Luzeiros, Veleiros Mar Hotel, Stop Way Hotel, Hotel Premier, Rio Poty Hotel or Brisa Mar Hotel) or my favorite, Blue Tree Towers São Luis. At Fortaleza , I recommend staying at Beira-Mar (Suggestions: ibis Fortaleza Praia de Iracema, Hotel Gran Marquise, Quality Hotel Fortaleza Beira Mar or Hotel Luzeiros Fortaleza) or at Praia de Iracema (at Hotel Praia Centro) to facilitate logistics.

Pousada do Buriti, em Barreirinhas - MA

Values ​​and payment methods

UNDERSTAND THE PRICE TABLE: To facilitate understanding, note that “the more people there are in the group, the cheaper the price per person”. An example: if we close the group with 4 people, the price per person in a double room would be BRL 11,497 (per person). The group closing with 9 people, the value per person in a double room would be BRL 9,897 (per person). Already closing with 14 people, the value would be BRL 9,297 per person in a double room as well. Remembering that I set up the groups , that is, you can come alone or with as many people as you want.


Route of Emotions (São Luís to Fortaleza)

Single Room
Double Room Triple Room
Group of 4 people
BRL 13,997BRL 11,497BRL 10,697
Group of 7 peopleBRL 13,797BRL 10,897BRL 10,097
Group of 9 peopleBRL 12,797BRL 9,897BRL 9,097
Group of 12 peopleBRL 12,697BRL 9,897BRL 8,997
Group of 14 peopleBRL 12,097BRL 9,297BRL 8,397


Important: The values ​​shown are always per person. You can travel alone without any problem. You can stay in a single or double room with another participant (the triples are reserved for families or friends you already know). Just choose and let me know. The groups are assembled by me. Don’t worry if you want to travel alone.

OBS. 1: To issue an invoice, 5% is added to the total value of the package referring to ISS.

OBS. 2: The values ​​shown in the table are for groups of exactly the number of people shown. If not displayed, the values ​​will vary between the two corresponding lines. You can ask me to send you the complete table.

OBS. 3: Entry of BRL 2,500 for the reservation + the remainder in up to 3 installments on the card (to be paid in Barreirinhas during the trip).

OBS.4: In the case of groups larger than 9 people, we can insert one more car, up to a limit of 14 people. Above that, request a quote for a private package.

Questions about booking your place

In case of doubts and/or to reserve your spot in advance , contact me by phone or WhatsApp.

Maurício Oliveira
Cel/WhatsApp: (21) 98822-9192

Payment methods

Deposit or Transfer/Credit Card: Partial advance payment of BRL 2,500 via bank deposit (or Paypal) for confirmation of the Rota das Emoções Expedition Package (according to the pre-established date). Payment of the remainder by credit card in up to 3 installments (Visa or Mastercard) made in Barreirinhas.

Banco do Brasil – R. Caldas Quintino ME
AG. 1027-8
C.C.: 20905-8
CNPJ: 12.377.948/0001-40
PIX key: 12.377.948/0001-40

Banco Bradesco – R. Caldas Quintino ME
AG. 5492-5
C.C.: 1535-0
CNPJ: 12.377.948/0001-40

Changes and Cancellations Policy

Changes: Change requests can be met subject to availability during the period.

Cancellations: Cancellation is understood to mean giving up the trip and/or contracted service. Reservation cancellation requests or contracted services must be made by email and when received after confirmation of cancellation.

  • Up to 30 days before the start of services: No CANCELLATION expenses.
  • After the period of 30 days before the beginning of the services: NO SHOW will be charged in the order of 50% of the value of the reserved service.

Special rule during the pandemic

– We will pass through several communities and villages where the health service is not the best. Also thinking about the safety of these residents (without ever forgetting ours as well), we are demanding the presentation of the vaccination card with proof of complete immunization of all participants. In addition, all protocols are being followed in accordance with the Ministries of Tourism and Health so that travel can resume with a minimum of safety for everyone involved. Mask wearing may be mandatory at times and we will always have gel alcohol available for use.

– If the passenger or guide responsible for the group is prevented from traveling due to lockdown (decrees with legal validity) at the destination of residence or at any of the travel destinations (between Fortaleza and São Luís) or for having Covid or suspicion (must be proven with a medical test / report) no fine will be charged and the amounts paid will be returned in full within 30 days or may remain as credit in the name of the passenger to be used within 1 year of the date of the original trip. If the new reservations are more expensive, the difference in rates will be charged.


As already mentioned, the value of the Rota das Emotions package does not include airfare . However, if you want, I make myself available to you via WhatsApp to help you find the best prices and itineraries. I use this site for my research and it is where I always find the lowest prices on airline tickets. Below are some examples of ticket prices in the month of the expedition (but do a search on the site by entering the desired dates for your trip and return):

Passagens aéreas saindo de
Passagens aéreas até 30% mais baratas Encontre sua promo ⇾


Main attractions of the Route of Emotions Expedition

Jericoacoara: Located approximately 300 km from Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, or simply Jeri, is an ecological sanctuary. It was considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post. In 1984 it became an Environmental Protection Area (APA), preserving its natural beauty practically untouched. Gigantic mobile dunes, coconut trees, lagoons with crystalline waters, mangroves, caves, cove and ocean beaches, mix aspects of the hinterland and the coastline in this old fishing village.

Tatajuba: Located in the municipality of Camocim, Tatajuba is a colony of fishermen, surrounded by dunes, clear water lagoons and its beautiful “arm” of the sea.

Lagoas Azul and Paraíso: The lagoons are like a huge pool of natural water and pleasant temperature for swimming and windsurfing.

Pedra Furada: Considered the postcard of Jericoacoara, it is a curious rock formation by the sea in the shape of an arch that was sculpted by the sea and the wind.

Barra Grande: Praia do Piauí still little visited by tourists. Ideal for those who want to relax, but also for those who enjoy sports such as kitsurfing and windsurfing. It has a beautiful walk to visit the seahorses.

East Coast of Piauí: It is the smallest in the Northeast. With 66 kilometers of extension, it allows access to the sea to four municipalities: Ilha Grande, Parnaíba, Luís Correia and Cajueiro da Praia. Its waters are shallow enough to have caused, in 1571, the shipwreck of the Portuguese ship belonging to Nicolau de Resende which, despite having lost its cargo, contributed to the registration of a region of inestimable ecological potential.

Delta do Parnaíba: Formed by 85 islands in an area of ​​2700 km² between the states of Piauí and Maranhão, the only delta in the Americas is a rare phenomenon that only finds a pair in the Nile River, in Africa and in the Mekong River in Asia. Within the same ecosystem we find different and picturesque landscapes: rivers, lagoons, gigantic dunes, deserted beaches with very white sand and the various types of mangroves in the region.

Rio Preguiças: It rises in the village of Barra da Campineira, in Anapurus and runs for more than 120 km until it flows into the Atlantic Ocean in front of the village of Atins. It is the main waterway in the municipality of Barreirinhas and one of the main tourist attractions in the area. Way of life and subsistence of the majority of the population, being an access route for many villages and riverside communities. Its name descends from the ancient sloths that lived along its banks.

Caburé: It is located near the mouth of the Preguiças River, on the narrow strip of sand that separates the river from the sea. The region where Caburé beach is located, called Pequenos Lençóis, is made up of the towns of Moitas, Morro do Boi, Espadarte, Alazão, Vassouras and Caburé.

Mandacaru: It is a fishing village located between Caburé beach and Atins beach. It is the oldest Riverside Village. It used to be a commercial and port center for transport by sea to São Luís. The families that live there today use fishing and agriculture as a means of sustenance.

Preguiças Lighthouse: The Preguiças Lighthouse, also known as Mandacaru Lighthouse, is located in the village of Mandacaru. Maritime lighthouse 54 meters high, 19 miles long and 160 steps, it was built in 1940 and inaugurated in 1944 by then Admiral Morais Rego. From its proximity, fantastic views of the National Park can be obtained.

Vassouras: It is located in Pequenos Lençóis, the first stop on the Paseo do Rio Preguiças before Caburé. Some families live there who depend on fishing and tourism for their livelihood.

Barreirinhas: It is the gateway city of the Lençóis Maranhenses, transformed into a National Park in 1981. It is located 260Km from the Capital São Luís and has attractions such as Boat Tours along the Preguiças River, 4×4 Tours to the Great Sheets and much more.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park: It was created on June 2, 1981 in an area of ​​155 thousand hectares on the banks of the Preguiças River, in the northeast of the state of Maranhão and about 260 km from São Luís. It occupies a total area of ​​270 square kilometers, with dunes of up to 40 meters and freshwater lagoons. It is a unique coastal ecosystem within the caatinga biome, which combines strong winds and regular rainfall. It consists of a strip of dunes that extends between 05 and 25km towards the interior. These dunes form small freshwater lakes. It covers the municipalities of Barreirinhas, Humberto de Campos, Primeira Cruz, Santo Amaro do Maranhão and Paulino Neves.

São Luís: São Luís is the capital of the state of Maranhão, known as Brazilian Jamaica, Ilha do Amor, Brazilian Athens, among other tributes, it is the only Brazilian city founded by the French, having been later invaded by the Dutch. It was then colonized by the Portuguese. It is located on the island of Upaon-Açu, in the South Atlantic, between the bays of São Marcos and São José de Ribamar. The city was listed by the UN as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1997. It has a colonial architectural heritage valued at around 3,500 buildings, spread over more than 220 hectares of the Historic Center, most of which are townhouses with belvederes, many covered with precious tiles portuguese. It really is a walk through our history!


NOTE I: The above schedule may change due to weather, access, or other factors that the agency deems may interfere with the safety or well-being of customers.

NOTE II: Schedules for tours and transfers are briefly informed in your reservation vouchers.

NOTE III: The Route of Emotions Expedition will start around 7:30 am. I recommend arriving in São Luís at least 1 day before your group leaves. I suggest staying in the Peninsula / Ponta d’Areia region (near Espigão is great). We will pick you all up at the hotels at a time to be agreed.

NOTE IV: For the trip to take place, we need a minimum of 4 people.

NOTE: The agency is not responsible for climatic factors that cause low water levels and drought in the Lagoons at certain times of the year.

The program includes

– Transfer São Luís/Santo Amaro/Barreirinhas;
– 4×4 PNLM tour (Lagoa do Junco);
– 4×4 PNLM ride (Rancharia);
– 4×4 PNLM tour (Ponta Verde);
– Ride in a 4×4 Sunrise Circuit (Blue Lagoon);
– Tour of 4×4 Circuit (Lagoa Bonita);
– Speedboat ride on the Preguiças River;
– Tour of 4×4 Lagoons of Atins and Canto do Atins;
– Crossing Atins/Caburé;
– Caburé/Tutóia transfer;
– Parnaíba Delta Crossing tour with Revoada dos Guarás;
– Transfer Porto dos Tatús/Barra Grande;
– East Coast of Piauí;
– Buggy ride Lagoa do Paraíso + Pedra Furada + Blue Lagun;
– Transfer Jericoacoara/Fortaleza Off Road;
– Specialized drivers throughout the trip;
– All services on a PRIVATE basis ;
– Overnight stays in Jericoacoara, Camocim, Barra Grande, Atins, Barreirinhas and Santo Amaro with breakfast;

Does not include:
– Airfare and boarding fees;
– Accommodation in Fortaleza and São Luís;
– Drinks;
– Meals not mentioned in the itinerary;
– Personal expenses;
– Optional extra tours;
Entrance fee in Jericoacoara (we recommend paying online in advance).

land transfers

All vehicles are permanently inspected and are up to date with ANTT specifications.

Guides and Motoguides

Local guides, experts in the region on the tours in Barreirinhas, Motoguia (driver/guide) will accompany you on the journey from Fortaleza to the arrival in Barreirinhas (note: vehicles may change according to each stretch).


The route was completely calculated with the possible unforeseen circumstances, we have monitoring at the base of Barreirinhas and an emergency plan for any eventuality. We work to minimize impacts, respecting the local culture.

Packing Your Suitcase – Tips on what to pack

I have separated for you some products that can be very useful on this and other trips. They are clothing, equipment and accessories.

– Small suitcase (on-board) or Travel Bag (over-the-shoulder)
– Day-to-day backpack
– UV Long Sleeve Shirts
– UV Short Sleeve Shirts
– Quick-dry Bermuda shorts and shorts
– Swimwear
– Sunglasses, hat or hat
– Slippers, crocs or papete
– Swimming goggles for the lagoons
– Reusable water bottle
– Sunscreen and repellent
– ​​Hygiene kit and personal medicine
– Light sneakers

Useful information

– Travel light! A small suitcase and a day-to-day backpack is enough for this trip. Believe it! Medium and large suitcases will give you a headache in some places. PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT!

– Throughout the trip you will wear shorts and flip-flops daily and hardly jeans or long pants;

– Sunscreen, repellent, sunglasses, camera and plenty of water!

– If you wear contact lenses, we suggest you take your glasses with you for walks on the dunes (the strong wind can cause discomfort);

– Take a small flashlight to be used in Atins (on the beach and in the streets of the village);

– Atins does not have bank branches and only a few establishments have credit card machines, so it is important to carry some amount in cash.

Maurício Oliveira
Cel/WhatsApp: (21) 98822-9192

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